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"I am a veteran teacher of 18 years and am so excited to finally have a management plan that puts the responsibility on the student. This makes the teacher's job much less stressful and teaches students to not only manage themselves, but also take responsibility for their own actions. I highly recommend this book especially if you are a "newbie" teacher. It will keep you sane!!!"

If you have ever been frustrated with your student's lack of engagement, poor self control and disappointing academic performance, this program is for you. Learn how to create a self-managed classroom by teaching your students to manage themselves.

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 "After practicing many of the strategies outlined in this program, I am amazed at the changes you see in students and their behaviors. This author gives you the tools to enable children to manage themselves and be proud of their accomplishments. A definite classroom management tool you should add to your teaching tool chest!! Thank you Karen Aitken!"

Debra K. Aaaron